Isn’t Sun Fvourable To You? (Red Chilly Experiment)

Red chilly expirenment….

In many horoscopes we have found that sun is debiliated and not giving favourable result. In such cases we usually found following problems in his/her life….

  1. The left side of person’s body get a big injury or paralysed.
  2. He has to face wrong alligations.
  3. No favour from government or job place. Also he has to face opponents everywhere.
  4. Person with very loose confindence.
  5. Weak mental and physical status.
  6. Problems related to blood and heart.
  7. In most cases he/she has to struggle very hard to get a favourable job. Such people are hardly enjoying government jobs.
  8. In wrost case one has to face legal suit or imprisonment as well specially that person is not ethically right.



  • Take a copper pot full of water and put some seeds of red chilly in it (depending upon suns position in your horoscope one should choose no of seeds to be taken). Withold and donate that water in front of sun in morning with the mantra “अोम् आदीत्याय नमः ।।”.
  • This expirenment has been proved very successful in some severe cases. Repeating this daily will remove all of above said problems.

Note : Those who have lended money and not getting it back should keep 11 seeds of red chilly in water.


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  1. Mukesh Saini says:

    Hello sir Good Morning
    My DOB 17/3/73
    Time 06:50AM

    Facing problem in CARRER & in personal life suggest remedies

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Mukesh, your horoscope reflects unhappy social life in terms of marriage. You are sharp at mind but things don’t work the way you want due to poor jupiter. You should wear copper bracelet in your hand.

      Dont wonder with naked head wear blue cap.

      Specially in this year, don’t take alcohol if u r taking and float 6 almonds in to running water in day time.
      Dont bring iron or skin material in your home this year as Saturn at 6th house is not good for such things.

      Put a saffron tilak for 43 days in day time without fail.



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