The Saturn (Shani Dev)

Saturn is the lord of justice (TIT FOR TAT). Today I would like to share the nature of planet saturn (shani dev).

  • Normally people get afraid when saturn is not at good position in their horoscope. Also in most cases we find rumours about saturn’s nature and its astronomical movements.

Saturn doenst harm anyone normally. He is a god of justice. Son of sun.

  • A person having favourable saturn has multiple homes, properties, vehicles, machineries, factories, good eye sight etc…

Person having melific saturn normally found with problem in eye sight, death of buffalo in or near home, break down of house he has built, loss of money in construction business, loss of money (if he brings iron machineries, shoes made of skin of animals, piece of iron).

He/she should keep following thing in mind to improve or get favour of saturn.


  • Must not take alchohole.
  •  Must not be egoistic (normally persons with melific saturn found egoistic )
  • flow almonds in flowing water for 43 days.
  • Sprinkle the drops of sarso oil on fursh for 43 days.
  •  Donate almonds, udad daal, sarso seed for 43 days.
  • Burry an erthen pot full of sarso oil under flowing water.

(One must consult an astrologer before following remedies as remedies for saturn gives very quick effect and depending on the saturns position in your individual horoscope remedies can be done.)


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