Some People gives very weird look when they hear the name of astrology from us.
Oh! Do you believe in such things? So you believe in astrology yeah!
We usually ask them a question to solve their doubt.
Do you believe in gravity? If don’t, does it make any difference to Newton??

Every science has cause and effect relationship. If you take two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen it makes water as science have clear cut direction. In the same way astrology is a core science.
It is such an invisible science that you can feel at every event of your life. With clear cut mathematical calculation it gives a appropriate details of your life and future events.

One day one of my client came to me with very sulky face and asked me to do something on immediate basis. He was a share broker and had a huge investment in stock market. He lost his 32 lakh rupees time by time. It was hard earned money by him which he had invested in shares by time.

I asked him to gave his birth details. In his horoscope there was a conjunction of mercury and ketu in 12 house! I simply asked him that how is your sister? He said she is facing divorce issue!!

With surprise you would ask that what is the connection of stock market and sister’s condition? Are they interrelated?

My answer is not directly but surely indirectly. Mercury in 12 house in boys horoscope creates disaster in life. In laal kitab it is clearly mentioned that “mercury in 12 house gives you a sleep less nights”
Mercury reflects sister, goat, business, banking job, speculation, brokerage business etc…
With malefic mercury that fellow was doing broker business.

By this example I simply wants to convey that all the things around you are for a specific reason. I have seen many houses surrounded by gutters or huge garbages this shows effect of malefic rahu in that house’s person. A person with favorable moon always possess good amount of silver, peace of mind, happiness from mother etc. Astrology is not a myth its a balance sheet of your past deed.
It is a new life for us but in the eye of nature birth and death are ongoing process and what you saw so shall you reap.

THE LAALKITAB has a clear direction in it which gives you reason behind your happiness and suffering and also gives remedies to maintain and solve it.


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